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4 red hot tips for Cox Plate day at Moonee Valley on 22 October 2022 and the Professor’s Parlay

The Spring Carnival is in full swing with punters getting a double dose of Group 1 racing at Moonee Valley today after last night’s Manikato Stakes became race 11 this afternoon. The Professor has a tip in the race and the Gelding has one in the Cox Plate. The track is currently rated a Heavy 8 with the rail in the true position.

Don’t forget to back the tips each way!

Moonee Valley

Professor’s tips

Race 5 Horse 7 – Climbing Star (for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Race 11 Horse 14 – Coolangatta (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Gelding’s tips

Race 7 Horse 1 – Berkeley Square

Race 9 Horse 10 – Anamoe

Professor’s Parlay

Race 9 Horse 10 – Anamoe into Dallas Cowboys to beat Detroit Lions (NFL) into Manchester City to beat Brighton and Hove Albion (EPL).

The Professor and the panel of the Judge, Coutta, Paul Dalligan and Sarah Radlow will be talking sport on the Sportzfan Radio You Tube channel tomorrow from 12.00pm AEDT.

Good luck and good punting!

The Professor

The red hot tips for Cranbourne races on 13 November 2021 and the Professor’s Parlay

Today’s meeting has the provincial feel about it with Cranbourne hosting the main Victorian race meeting. The track is currently rated a Heavy 8 so take care with betting as the form guide is usually thrown out the window when the track is in this state or heavier. The rail is in the True position between the 1600 and 1000 metre marks and 3 metres out for the rest of the circuit.

Don’t forget to back the tips each way!


Professor’s tips

Race 3 Horse 2 – He’s Xceptional (for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Race 5 Horse 2 – Belle Plaisir (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Gelding’s tips

Race 4 Horse 3 – Real Sensation

Race 6 Horse 4 – Bless Her

Professor’s Parlay

Race 4 Horse 3 – Real Sensation into Pittsburgh Steelers to beat Detroit Lions (NFL) into Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat Washington Football Team (NFL).

You can see the latest episode of That’s Racing!! here.

The Professor and the panel of the Judge, the Gelding, Coutta and Paul Dalligan will be talking sport on the Sportzfan Radio YouTube channel from 12.00pm AEDT tomorrow. Special guest, former St Kilda FC coach Grant Thomas.

Good luck and good punting!

The Professor

A lot of talk but not much substance to Hayne’s move to the NFL

meI have said before that there is a lot of smoke and mirrors to Jarryd Hayne’s attempted move from the NRL to the NFL.

Over the last few days the Hayne PR machine has ramped up again this time telling us that he is soon to select a team and sign with possibly the Detroit Lions or the San Francisco 49ers. There is also news that up to eight NFL teams including the Green Bay Packers and the current Champion New England Patriots have requested a tape of his pro day work out.

One needs to understand that NFL clubs spend a great deal of time researching players and have hundreds and hundreds of tapes so the fact that a club has asked for the tape is little indication of anything except Hayne is being considered along with hundreds of other players.

Should Hayne be signed by an NFL club it is a risk free look for any club. I say that as there won’t be any guaranteed money, it will be for the minimum contract amount and, unlike in Australia, the day you get cut is the day the Club no longer pays you. That’s the end of the contract.

Following the NFL draft in April 2015, each NFL team will have over 100 players on their roster made up of players already on contract, players drafted in April, free agents made up of undrafted players and those who have been cut from club lists at the end of the 2014 season and people like Hayne who sign a ‘futures deal’.

Importantly for any contracted player, there are two roster cuts that must be made by each team. One in mid August 2015 when lists are pared down to 75 and then another a week later when the roster is further reduced to just 53 players. Meaning a team must reduce its list by just under 50%.

Some reports from NFL scouts indicate that Hayne is too slow, doesn’t know the game and at best could make a practice squad. He will need to overcome a lot to make a final list!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Hayne make it in the NFL. It would be refreshing though if the rose coloured glasses were taken off for a while and the size of the task is acknowledged.

My advice to Jarryd is to select a team very, very carefully!

Jarryd Hayne and the NFL – a story

As an avid fan of the NFL, I am having difficulty following the Jarryd Hayne efforts to sign with an NFL club. Reports today have the former Eels NRL star returning to Australia due to visa problems. Those ‘problems’ meant he could not sign a contract with an undisclosed NFL team.

First thing I would say to that is ‘what a mistake to make’! Next thing I would say is just how would the NFL team sign Hayne? The NFL has eligibility rules and I can’t find any one that would have allowed him to sign now.image

I read with interest on the Sportsbet site that the ‘rumour’ is that he has signed a ‘futures contract’ with Detroit Lions. On the basis of that, Sportsbet has wound in the odds on Hayne participating in the NFL. However, signing that contract wouldn’t let Hayne play this season as such a contract doesn’t take effect until March 2015 and, by the way, that type of contract cannot be signed until AFTER the end of the NFL season. So then what has Hayne signed, if anything?

I discussed the subject of Hayne playing in the NFL with a senior Seattle Seahawks official in November this year and his response was decidedly underwhelming. Almost a Jarryd who?

I wish Hayne all the best in his endeavours to crack the NFL, but, there appears to be a lot of spin and not much substance to this story at the moment.

I figure he is closer to playing in the NRL in 2015 than the NFL!