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Sportzfan Radio show #235.2

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!19 February 2012 235.2 – Sportzfan Radio continued the coverage of women in sport featuring Australian baseballer, Simone Wearne who will be admitted to the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame next week being the first woman admitted as well as the youngest person inducted. She won silver at the World Cup two years ago and has strong hopes of usurping Japan from the #1 spot in August 2012 in Canada.  She has high hopes that  the future will hold a woman’s professional league in Australia.  Nicole provided thought provoking ideas on how women can increase interest in their sports and promote themselves in the media. Mark Fiorenti comes on the show to talk soccer and discussed the repercussions of the financial woes of the Scottish soccer champions, Rangers who went into administration this past week resulting in a deduction of 10 points by the League putting them well behind rival Glasgow Celtic. Will this be the end of Rangers he asks? The A League didn’t provide any surprises this week except for the owner of Gold Coast United saying some bizarre things in the press. Sportzfan Stan has a go at cricket in his second rant for the day with the umpires inability to count to six leading to a five ball over in a recent International One Day series match betwenn India and Sri Lanka.  Paul Dalligan can’t be accused of riding the fence making his frustration clear with NRL’s turncoat and one of AFL’s highest paid players, Israel Folau, never touching the ball observing “I’m doing a better job than Israel Folau, and I’m at a BBQ in Geelong”. Paul will present his NRL season preview next Sunday.

Sportzfan Radio 31 July 2011 #212.2

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!31 July 2011 212.2 – Mark Fiorenti continues talking about the draw for World Cup 2014. He thinks the group with Spain and France in is the ‘Group of Death’. There is a discusson of Dean Bailey’s tenure as coach at the Melbourne FC and whether he should be sacked or not. This is followed by Glenn Hampson talking about whether the AFL are getting bang for their buck from the signings of Karmichael Hunt & Israel Folau. Sportzfan Stan says their is no loyalty for clubs these days, just players going for the money. The Panel talk with Paul Dalligan about NRL players involvement in AFL and his duties serving champagne at his lovelies baby shower. He also talks Melbourne Storm’s shackle tackle. Paul also discusses the NRL round in depth. The Gelding calls in to talk horse racing and the results from Caulfield. The Professor talks about using Daniel’s method of selecting horses and picked Mr Griswold for a nice collect.  The Gelding even awards an S-hit ride to Keiran McEvoy for his ride on Scarf that upset his all up bet. He also saw Danish Rock’s jump out and says the horse was a bit green and reminded him of a lawyer going to his first conference – all over the place. Glenn finishes off with a discussion on the controversy about Australian cricket contracts. Sportzfan Stan again calls for the sacking of the Australian selectors.

Sportzfan Radio #166.2

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!8 August 2010 166.2 –The Panel say it’s all very well to have a baseball league but where will Melbourne Aces play their home games.  No decision made on that as yet as we understand it, but hopefully not Altona as both Daniel and Trav say they won’t go to that venue.  Nick Tedeschi talks NRL and believes Canterbury Bulldogs are the bet of the weekend v Newcastle.  We catch him before he heads out to the SCG to watch the Roosters play St George and felt it would be nostalgic to see League played at the SCG again.  He says Israel Folau will defintely come back to rugby league after his flirtation with the AFL.  We get Dr Leslie’s CSA in earlier this week so we can do more stool gazing before the end of the show.  Daniel says Brett Favre can’t be @packers4 on twitter as the Professor already has that handle.  Daniel reviews the Melbourne Tigers tour of ‘the world’ and notes that they beat England but lost to the University of Pittsburgh.  Stan wonders whether the Tigers should be investing more in players than spending it on a bonding tour.  Sean Callanan joins the discussion and says Stan’s point is fair enough, but he guesses the Tigers are looking at getting advantage from sharing knowledge with other teams aound the world.  The Professor finds it funny that the Tigers are playing the “Irish All Stars”.  The Panel discusses whether there should be a Hall of Fame for the players who actually help the stars into the Hall of Fame by doing the blocks or opening the running lanes.  Sean thinks that a Brett Favre reality show on his “Decision” to comeback (or not) would be a weekly program not a one off.  The Panel gets a tweet from @BrisbaneNBL announcing an attempt to revive the Brisbane Bullets franchise.  Sean thinks sports fans would struggle to name five NBL players.  He doesn’t know when the Tigers will appear on twitter and fires in a record number of sports cliches on Collingwood’s run to the finals.

Border Jumpers…

Hello all..

Not sure whether I take it as a compliment, an insult or a threat that some of the best talent in rugby league is being poached by the cashed up AFL.

Fosters was cashed up once and they decided to buy Southcorp – and they have actually now managed to lose money selling beer to Australians. Possibly a first…

Part of me hopes that the AFL circus act follows the same path – I feel for those doing great things in the VFL.  The next Podsiadly or Barlow could provide Western Sydney with their very own hero but they are being passed over as the AFL pillages other sports.

Why look for talent in your own backyard when your millions will buy you greener pastures down the road…

Paul Dalligan – your panellist on all things rugby league…