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Sydney Colt Bets On WSOP 2010 Main Event Winner

The below market is taken from Betchoice.com.au where punt drunks can gamble on the final table winner of the 2010 World Series Of Poker. The number in brackets is the chip stack each player will take to the final table. The “November 9” will battle it out for a 1st prize of around $US9M with the 1st 8 all receiving $1M+.

As mentioned on air last Sunday I am backing both Mizarachi at $8.75 and Cheong at $9.0 These 2 represent experience at the top level and I rate them both at around $6.5. Hence, I like the value they represent. This will be an enormous advantage as the less experienced players begin to have their nerves tested under pressure. They will be sledged about potentially making mistakes while the cameras and millions of viewers see and judge their every move. The 2 chip leaders are relative new comers to the big stage, with Duhamel being only 22 years of age.

WSOP 2010 Main Event Winner

Event #57 No-Limit Hold’em Championship – Win Only
Win    Name   
3.00 Duhamel, Jonathon (65.9M)
4.50 Dolan, John (46.2M)
8.75 Mizarachi, Michael (14.4M)
9.00 Cheong, Joseph (23.5M)
10.00 Racener, John (19.0M)
12.00 Candio, Fillipo (16.4M)
12.00 Jarvis, Matthew (16.7M)
21.00 Nguyen, Soi (9.6M)
34.00 Senti, Jason (7.6M)

Money lost, nothing lost. Confidence lost, everything lost.

Sportzfan Radio #167.2

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!15 August 2010 167.2 – The Sydney Colt talks about the best value when betting and says punters would be very foolish not to go with the Corporate Bookies. He also talks about the last table at the World Series of Poker and has framed a book on the next NSW RL State of Origin Coach ($2.80 Laurie Daly $3.40 Ricky Stuart, $5.00 Phil Gould, Steve Folkes, $12.00 Brad Fittler..). We get Dr Leslie’s CSA in earlier this week just prior to Paul Dalligan. Paul hasn’t been eating baked beans but says he had a foot long hot dog at the Mets. Whilst he didn’t do any stool gazing, he did do some beer gazing. He returns from his overseas jaunt to talk NRL but spends most of his time talking baseball. He has brought the Professor an umbrella from his trip to the Citibank Stadium super box. Paul would like to see Phil Gould as the next State of Origin Coach. The Professor reveals there will be no Sportzfan Radio next Sunday as Southern FM are off the air for maintenance work. In that case, Daniel decides to talk about next week’s results this week. The Panel talks to Nick Tedeschi about the NSW State of Origin Coach and Nick thinks Laurie Daly is over the line from the mail he has received. Nick would prefer Chris Anderson to coach the team. He also discusses the players leaving the Melbourne Storm and whether the Storm will be able to do a Canterbury Bankstown and win a flag within two years. The Panel spends the rest of the time talking about rumors and topics tweeted in. The Parkdale Pounce believes Matthew Knights will not coach Essendon next year but Matthew Lloyd will comeback and be coached by Mark Williams. There is also a discussion on changes by the AFL to the interchange rules and it is decided that we should start the “Benny Hill” segment for stupid ideas. Daniel believes Adrian Anderson would be part of the segment each week. The Gelding believes there should be a committee set up to watch over committees. In another nomination for the Benny Hill award, it seems Cameron White is playing for Bangalore against Victoria in the IPL competition – go figure! Will Richmond keep Ben Cousins? Time will tell although the Panel hope he comes back in 2011. Finally the Panel talk about the Socceroos new coach Holger Osieck – the no name coach, who is maybe twenty years out of his prime.