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Professor Clare Hanlon talking about issues for girls and women in sport – Sportzfan Radio #453

The panel of the Professor, the Judge, Sarah Radlow, Paul Dalligan, Coutta and the Gelding spoke with Professor Clare Hanlon from Victoria University about issues for girls and women in sport. Paul Dalligan reviewed round 8 of the NRL, we looked at the AFL trying to take some of the $55 million owed to AFL players and putting it towards the AFLW and the Gelding gave his tips for today’s Bendigo and Bairnsdale races.

One AFL draft that doesn’t make headlines

Feb 20 2011 006If you missed the fact that the AFL held its women’s draft last night, it’s not surprising. A Google search of the event brings up links to the AFL, Melbourne FC, Western Bulldogs FC and Canberra Times websites. That the two matches in 2015 are between the Dees and the Bulldogs means it is not surprising that the AFL and the two teams are talking the event up.

What is also not surprising is the total lack of coverage from all major media outlets representing television, radio and print. That images-1 one of the biggest events in women’s football garners no interest is a sad reflection on the media.

It is not surprising as research shows coverage of women’s sport in the media ranges between 4%-7% (depending on the particular study referred to). Given the paucity of media interest, it naturally follows that commercial investment in women’s sport is a miniscule 0.4%.

g4That is a totally unacceptable result in today’s world.

It is up to major organisations, such as the AFL, to lead the community and demand more coverage for women in sport. Only then may the imbalance be corrected.