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The Professor’s red hot tips for Flemington on 22 June 2019 and the weekend parlay

The Professor was close again last week with his weekend parlay but the horse leg seems to be letting him down. No time for ‘if only’ though as it’s onward and upward. The Flemington track is rated a soft 7 at present but that may change if the forecast showers eventuate. The rail is out 9 metres from the true position.

Don’t forget to back the tips each way.


Race 2 Horse 3 – Angelic Spirit (for the ladies at the Tennis club)
Race 5 Horse 3 – Laure Me In (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Weekend Parlay

Race 5 Horse 3 – Laure Me In into Queensland to beat NSW (State of Origin) into Fremantle to beat Melbourne (AFL).

You can hear the Professor discuss today’s race results with the Gelding on Sportzfan Radio tomorrow from midday on 88.3 Southern FM, the Sounds of the Bayside.

Good luck and good punting!

The Professor

Weekend musing – AFL trade period, Phil Hughes’ enquiry, controversy at the end of the Bathurst 1000…….

Sfan OB6Well it has taken quite some time, but Hawthorn has finally shown to have issues with the salary cap. It has always astounded me how the Hawks could keep adding good players from other clubs and not
unknown let anyone go (save for Lance Franklin of course, who left for the money). Wanting to recruit both Jaeger O’Meara and Tom Mitchell, someone needed to go so they approached the two players that were first and second in their best & fairest, Sam Mitchell & Jordan Lewis. It now looks like Lewis will stay and Mitchell will go, but the cracks are finally showing. It was obviously a mistake for them to re-sign Hodge, Burgoyne & Gibson late last year having already re-signed Sam Mitchell earlier in the year.

I must say I have been a bit surprised with the line of questioning in the Phil Hughes enquiry. It is almost like some Coroner’s enquiries unknown-1where interested parties are trying to establish negligence so they can sue. I cannot see the point of questioning the NSW tactics and what may have been said or not said on the day. It was a tragic outcome that no one saw coming and what went beforehand is irrelevant in my view. Fast bowlers use intimidating tactics against batsmen and that has always been the case. It was the basis of the bodyline tactics employed by the English to curb Bradman. Phil Hughes had many good friends in the NSW team and no one wanted to see him get hurt.

I had nothing much to do last Sunday afternoon so I watched some of the Bathurst race. I am no expert and do not know the finer points of the sport, but I thought that Jamie Whincup was entitled to try unknown-3and pass when he did and Scott McLaughlin took the corner wide and then moved back into Whincup. Either way from what I understand, McLaughlin had to do at least one more pit stop and all Whincup had to do was wait for him to move out of his way so there was no imperative to pass anyway. It is a bit strange when the winner of a race has not led at any stage of the race. The outcome of the appeal should be quite interesting.

I watched the Winx race last week with interest and I would not unknown-2have been disappointed if I was the connections of Black Heart Bart. BHB took up the running and while they may have dawdled in the early stages of the race, he increased the tempo and in the end it was run at a pretty good clip. Winx won comfortably, but it may have been interesting if Winx was forced to establish the tempo of the race. Bring on the Cox Plate!

Have a great weekend!

Friday musing – State of Origin, NBA, Women’s World Cup, AFL

Chris Barwin HillsOn Wednesday night I ventured along to the MCG with 91,500 others to watch Game 2 of the State of Origin series between NSW & Queensland. It was certainly a much better game than Game 1 with an early try to both teams. However, the most exhilarating part of the night, the Greg Inglis near length of the field try, was disallowed by the video referee. I don’t claim to be an expert on Rugby League, but to the letter of the law it would seem the decisionUnknown was correct, but what an anti-climax! In the end the game was essentially decided on two very marginal video referee calls. The Josh Morris try where he appeared to only get a thumbnail worth of downward pressure on the ball and Myles knock-on which cost Inglis his try. Both decisions looked correct on review. I enjoyed the game, but I think rugby league is probably a better game to watch on television, particularly for the uninitiated. That observation may also explain why their club games do not draw big crowds.

The NBA final series came to a close earlier in the week and it was good to see Andrew Bogut celebrate his win with the Golden State Warriors, however, given he had no game time in the last two games and only a couple of minutes in game 4, it may be a slightly hollow feeling for him. He obviously deserved the accolades but it would have been good to see the coach put him on for the last couple of Unknownminutes given they had a reasonable lead at that stage. I hark back to the old days with football when you had the 19th & 20th men and the coach would bring them on for the last couple of minutes of a grand final just so they felt part of it. Continuing with the NBA it is hard to see how LeBron James could not be considered the MVP for the final series given his herculean performance, however, I understand that in American sport that the MVP would never go to a player in the losing team.

Great to see the Australian women’s soccer team, the Matildas, get through to the round of 16. I know the team from the United States is always strong in women’s soccer, but Australia was in the ‘GroupUnknown of Death’ together with the Nigerian and Swedish teams. To get through that group was a very good effort. They now come up against Brazil who are one of the tournament favourites so fingers crossed for the Matildas.

The “3rd man up” in ruck contests in the AFL is generating a bit of discussion at the moment and I think the way Geelong are using it with Mark Blicavs & Rhys Stanley has probably narrowed the discussion. It seemed to me that last week against Port Adelaide, imagesone of them was blocking Matthew Lobbe while the other one took the hit out. That would appear to be contrary to the rules, but not only that, what happens if each side sends another man up, then you have 4 players competing for the throw in and it begins to get farcical. I am starting to agree with Leigh Matthews that the “3rd man up” should be banned.

Have a great weekend!

Sportzfan Radio – the Gorden James Tallis interview

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!1 July 2012 253.1 – Regular NRL commentator, Paul Dalligan interviews NRL, Australian, Queensland, St George and Brisbane player Gorden Tallis about the deciding State of Origin match between Queensland and New South Wales and his rugby league career. As a bonus you can hear the Gelding discuss his investments at the track and the hard luck stories that all punters can relate too.

Sportzfan Radio show #247.2

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!20 May 2012 247.2 – Featuring the Professor, Daniel Eade and Sportzfan Stan with Daniel discussing the NBA playoffs and why he thinks Vinny Del Negro won’t be re-appointed as Clipper’s coach. Mark Fiorenti comes on the show to talk soccer and reviews the Melbourne Victory’s match against Greek champions Olympiacos. He also looks at Chelsea’s success overnight in the European Cup and the exciting last day of the English Premier League that saw Manchester City crowned as champions. Paul Dalligan talks NRL and the State of Origin game. He is not as pessimistic as Nick Tedeschi on NSW’s chances and sees them winning 18-10. He also reviews the NRL round to date and believes the Rabbitohs will win this afternoon. Daniel talks ice hockey and discusses the form of the two Melbourne teams. The Panel then discuss Craig McDermott standing down as Australian bowling coach, Ricky Ponting and Anthony Mundine fighting a 41 year old opponent.

Sportzfan Radio show #247.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!20 May 2012 247.1 – Featuring the Professor, Daniel Eade and Sportzfan Stan. Sportzfan Stan starts with a rant about AFL clubs now looking at employing full time medical teams and asks where will the money come from to cover that cost. Special guest Nick Tedeschi talks NRL and this week’s State of Origin match in Melbourne. Nick says he thinks Ricky Stuart and Bob Fulton have lost their minds selecting the NSW side which he rates as “the worst NSW team ever”. The Professor takes the Gelding’s place talking racing and trys to explain his poor choices yesterday at Flemington. The Sydney Colt is $900 in front for the year after yesterday’s pick, Pampelonne saluted. Daniel talks NBL and the train wreck that is the Melbourne Tigers with coach Trevor Gleeson being stood down. He also discusses the Tigers new logo and the rumor that another NBL side may go into voluntary administration.

Sportzfan Radio 161.2

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!4 July 2010 161.2 -Dr Leslie’s CSA gets a run with the approval of listeners.  The Sydney Colt texts that the estimated first prize in the Sports World Series of Poker is $9 million.  The ‘F’ word talks World Cup quarter finals and Daniel says the Socceroos would win a “make believe” World Cup 4-0.  The Panel query who will welcome the Socceroos back into Australia seeing Kevin Rudd has been sacked, but then decide hardly any of them live here anyway.  The ‘F’ word also ponders the semi finals and thinks it will be a Germany v Netherlands final,  He wants Marcelo Bielsa as the next Socceroos coach.  Dalligan talks State of Origin 3 and thinks the NSW team can win 16-14 and hopes they can take inspiration from the example of the Socceroos bouncing back after their defeat by Germany.  He also calls the Karmichael Hunt experiment a debacle.  The Sports Geek explains his NRL Sports Social Media Index and says the NRL are about 7 to 8 months behind the AFL in social media as 3 teams aren’t even on twitter or facebook.  He is currently advising the Southern Football League on social media policy.