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Our 4 red hotties for Derby day at Flemington on 29 October 2022 and the Professor’s Parlay

Another Spring Carnival day of racing and after a big day on the punt last week, the Professor and the Gelding are confident with today’s Derby day selections. The Flemington track is currently rated a Soft 7 but with showers predicted during the day the track could be downgraded. The rail is in the True position.

Don’t forget to back the tips each way.


Professor’s tips

Race 1 Horse 4 – Fortune Teller (for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Race 3 Horse 3 – Generation (also for the ladies at the tennis club)

Gelding’s tips

Race 7 Horse 4 – Mr Maestro

Race 8 Horse 14 – La Crique

Professor’s Parlay

Race 8 Horse 14 – La Crique into Dallas Cowboys to beat Chicago Bears (NFL) into Buffalo Bills to beat Green Bay Packers (NFL).

The Professor and the panel of the Judge, Coutta and Paul Dalligan will be talking sport on the Sportzfan Radio YouTube channel tomorrow from 12.00pm AEDT.

Good luck and good punting!

The Professor

The Professor’s and the Gelding’s red hot tips for today’s Moonee Valley and Rosehill race meetings on 28 November 2020 and the Professor’s Parlay

The Professor and the Gelding have gone their separate ways today with the Professor crossing the border and preferring Rosehill whilst the Gelding likes the fields at Moonee Valley. Both tracks are currently rated a Good 4 with the rails in the true position.

Don’t forget to back the tips each way!

Professor’s tips


Race 6 Horse 11 – Rocha Clock (for the ladies at the tennis club)

Race 7 Horse 2 – Ranier (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Gelding’s tips

Moonee Valley

Race 5 Horse 5 – Nicolini Vito

Race 8 Horse 2 – Corsucate

Professor’s Parlay

Race 8 Horse 2 – Corsucate into Leicester City to beat Fulham (EPL) into Green Bay Packers to beat Chcago Bears (NFL).

Good luck and good punting!

The Professor

Sportzfan Radio #186.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!23 January 2011 186.1 – The Panel starts off by talking to Daniel Eade about the Charity Baskets match to be held at MSAC on 30 January 2011 at midday. The event will be covered by Sportzfan Radio with a live broadcast on 88.3 Southern FM. The former players including Gaze, Copeland, Anstey… all say they are still able to match it on a basketball court. Sportzfan Stan takes a look at the recent drug controversy involving Albert Contador and Lance Armstrong.  The Panel then chat with radio personality and former Canterbury Bulldogs premiership player Graeme Hughes who discusses his recently published book “Dogs at War”.  The Gelding reviews the race results from both Flemington and Rosehill where both the Gelding and the Sydney Colt were successful…much to the joy of the ladies at the Tennis club.  Stan adds that his uncle Albert owned a horse El Galea and he learned from a very early age that if you wanted to know whether a horse was going to win or not you needed to ask the trainer first and then the jockey.  There is also a discussion of the NFL selling tickets outside the stadium and counting those attendees as part of the game’s crowd.  Stan says it is a rot and the NFL should be sacked.  The Panel also discuss the NFL Divisional Championships in the NFC – Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears and in the AFC – New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Panel is split as to who will win the Green Bay game but agree that the Steelers will be too strong.  Paul thinks the Packers defence is the least intimidating of the teams remaining.  Dr Leslie’s CSA makes a welcome return and Lanard Copeland comes on to talk about the Charity Baskets basketball match to be played at MSAC next Sunday with all proceeds going to Queensland flood relief.

Sportzfan Radio #185.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!16 January 2011 185.1 – The Professor, Daniel, the Gambler and Sportzfan Stan are back for 2011, bigger and better than ever. There is some discussion to start the show about Sportzfan Radio’s Christmas party and the Gelding now being a greyhound expert as well. They also discuss the first radio broadcast of an ABL game in Victoria from the previous evening by Southern FM.  The Panel then discuss Stan’s call for the sacking of the AFL’s Andrew Demetriou over the decision of choosing Virgin Blue over Qantas as the airline transporting the teams.  Dan Butterly talks US sport including the NFL playoffs and selects New England to beat the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons over the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears over the Seattle Seahawks.  Dan also talks about some of the coaching changes at NFL teams who haven’t made the playoffs.  He wraps up the College football season and says it will be interesting to see what the NCAA do about the Cam Newton situation and possible rule infractions as it could be that Auburn may not hold the national championship they won.  He is still all for a BCS playoff series whether it be an 8 or 12 team series and would like to see that in place sooner rather than later.  The Gelding talks racing from Flemington and discusses the winners and losers in racing from the weekend’s meetings.  The Panel then look at the Australian cricket team, the chairman of selectors, the CEO and the coach.  Stan calls for an inquiry to be headed by Ric Charlesworth.  Daniel says it’s good that Stan is finally giving someone a job given that he has sacked so many over the last few months.  Stan says Tim Nielsen’s record as a coach on a win/loss basis is terrible and he should be sacked.