Sandown races betting tips – 4 best bets for today’s races & the Professor’s Parlay

Racing returns to the metropolitan area today at the Sandown Hillside track. The Professor and the Gelding hope their fortunes will improve for the better with these four best bets. The track is currently rated a Good 4 with the rail in the True position for the entire circuit.

Don’t forget to back the tips each way!

Sandown Hillside

Professor’s tips

Race 4 Horse 8 – Tasman Park (for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Race 6 Horse 9 – Life Lessons (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Gelding’s tips

Race 5 Horse 6 – Detonator Jack

Race 8 Horse 10 – Riot & Rose

Professor’s Parlay

Race 5 Horse 6 – Detonator Jack into Dallas Cowboys to beat Houston Texans (NFL) into Kansas City Chiefs to beat Denver Broncos (NFL).

The Professor and the panel of the Gelding, Coutta and Paul Dalligan will be talking sport on the Sportzfan Radio YouTube channel from 12.00pm AEDT tomorrow. It’s our last show for 2022.

Good luck and good punting!

The Professor