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Sportzfan Radio #208.2 3 July 2011

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!3 July 2011 208.2 – Mark Fiorenti thinks Harry Kewell will sign with Melbourne Victory. John O’Callghan is back for the second time for the year as a special guest. He advises that the annual Olive Branch Achievement Award has not been awarded again since it was given to Kevan Gosper. There is also a discussion about Father/Sons in AFL and in sport in general that is propmpted by an email from Chris from Barwon Heads. John O’Callaghan talks about the AFL players wanting more money and says their grab for more money is misconceived. Paul Dalligan comes on to talk NRL and State of Origin. He also talks about having the chance of sitting in the LA Dodgers press box during his recent US visit.  He says he has heard more noises in doctor’s surgeries and libraries that in the press box. John looks at Bernard Tomic’s announcement that he is considering living in Monarco. He doesn’t believe that either he or any other athlete needs to pay back any money that has been put towards helping the athlete. Sean Callanan talks about his trip to the USA and assisting the Minnesota Timberwolves with a product known as Sports DP.

Sportzfan Radio #200.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!1 May 2011 200.1 – A milestone 200th show for Sportzfan Radio – Sportzfan Stan starts the show by taking a swipe at the AFLPA with their quest to get 27% of future AFL revenues. Stan is not happy with it as it seems too much. Dan Butterly comes on the show to talk US sport from Phoenix, Arizona. He looks at the NBA & NHL playoffs, the NFL draft and the problems with the lockout and Major League Baseball especially the takeover of the LA Dodgers by MLB. The Gelding talks racing and explains why his selections won or lost. The ladies from the Tennis club did well with a 1st and 2nd. John O’Callaghan highlights prior Sportzfan Radio stories about the annual Olive Branch Achievement Award presented to Kevan Gosper, the research on the age grouping of footballers both of which were also featured in the Age. Mordiboy joins the show from the golf course and discusses the highs and lows of golf over the last four years including the story broken by him about Tiger Woods.