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Weekend musing – UFC & Ronda Rousey hit Melbourne

Chris Barwin HillsNot much has grabbed my imagination this week.  It’s been business as usual on the Aussie sports scene

The Australian cricket team won as expected and the Socceroos also won as expected. Melbourne United in the NBL had been winning unitedbefore last night with one of their wins with a bit of help from the match officials. Melbourne Victory won the FFA cup as expected. Nothing in horse racing was as near as interesting as the Melbourne Cup, save for the racing being a bit more interesting due to a less biased track.

One thing which has created a bit of discussion around the traps is the UFC event featuring Ronda Rousey at Etihad Stadium this weekend. I am not a big fan of UFC, but I don’t mind it and it is certainly more interesting than main stream boxing these days. I rouseydo not subscribe to the view that it is too brutal as I think the sport is well governed and there are probably less injuries in the UFC than there are in boxing. I think one of the reasons why the UFC has somewhat supplanted boxing as the preferred “blood sport” is that it does not appear to be controlled by the likes of Don King and other entrepreneurs and it doesn’t have the multiple factions and associations that have split world boxing. If boxing wants to reclaim lost ground they need to win back the public and have one unified governing body to control the sport world wide.

Have a great weekend!

Friday musing – Cox Plate, Cage Fighting, Gough Whitlam…..

Chris Barwin HillsWell the Spring Carnival is in full swing and this week sees the running of the WS Cox Plate. It doesn’t look to be a classic field, but it is probably the best that can be assembled. However, I do question the inclusion of Wandjina who has been placed in only two of nine starts, but obviously got a start based on his third placing in the Caulfield Guineas. Unfortunately last years winner was a maiden who had similar lead up form so the precedent had been sent, but I don’t think it sends a good message when you tout yourself as the Weight For Age Championship of Australasia. My tip in the race is Fawkner, but they all have to get past The Cleaner.

There was a lot of grandstanding in the corridors of power this week about cage fighting/mixed martial arts. To allow the mixed martial arts fights without the cage, is like boxing without the ropes. The fighters can still hit their opponent the same way, they just do it in different surrounds. What real difference does it make. I have watched a bit of the UFC on Channel 1, but not for some time. It seems to be well adjudicated and from what I understand there have been no catastrophic injuries. If these guys want to fight each other in a controlled environment then I cannot see what the problem is with the use of the cage. I also find the Police Commissioner’s comments about violence a little hard to fathom as well given the acceptance of all types of fighting sports in the community. I have a nephew who is doing mixed martial arts training and I am sure my brother would much rather he practised his sport in a controlled environment, with or without a cage. The proper control is the key, not the cage. Will I go along and watch, no.

Now my last comment this week only has a loose connection with sport because his wife swum in the 1938 Empire Games for Australia. E G Whitlam must surely be one of the most interesting politicians ever produced in this country and I always considered that having spent so long in opposition, once he got into power, he tried to implement too many programmes too quickly. Like a good marathon runner, if he had paced himself his legacy could have been greater. Anyway I can thank him for my tertiary education, a national health system and Blue Poles that I saw in Canberra recently. Vale Gough.

Enough of my own political grandstanding, have a great weekend!