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Sportzfan Radio #177.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!31 October 2010 177.1 – Paul Gamble hosts this weeks show – can he fill the Professor’s shoes?  The Gelding is brought onto the Panel at the last moment as the race meeting at Kilmore that Queen Asa was running in was washed out.  Daniel observes that Gambler is dressed more suitably than the Professor was last week – “He was dressed like a 16 year old thug – an American football jumper with his hat on backwards!”.  Even though the Professor had a week off, he was still on the phone talking the AFL draw, the Spring Carnival as Kelly Osbourne or Scary Spice wouldn’t add to his enjoyment of the races – they’re going because it is a party.  He tells Daniel he hadn’t spoken to the VRC to arrange a million dollar appearance fee for him at the Cup and he wants to know when Southern FM are going to have their own celebrity tent at the Spring carnival.  The future of cricket is a worry due to poor participation rates and probably of more concern, they are falling.  The Gelding talks Derby day races and sums up the Flemington meeting.  By the end of the meeting, the track was heavily affected by rain.  So You Think had a comfortable win in the conditions and now has five Group 1 wins.  The Sydney Colt’s tip, Skilled did not perform as expected even though he thought it would win.

Sportzfan Radio #166.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!8 August 2010 166.1 –The Panel talk about the AFL using technology for deciding whether a goal is kicked or not.  Stan says maybe the umpires need regular checks on their eye sight as over a period of time mistakes can affect the outcome of games.  Marie Baker makes a return to the show with her US report and says human error is part of sport so why sweat over mistakes made by referees.  She believes Brett Fravre is a drama queen who needs his own annual reality “decision” show and doesn’t think Shaq changing NBA teams again will affect his legacy.  She also feels Tiger Woods probably won’t get back to the top in golf and that A-Rod’s 600th homer as the youngest person ever to reach that mark, may not be enough to get him into MLB’s Hall of Fame.  The Gelding provides the answers to Saturday’s racing at both Flemington and Randwick.  He says it was a tough day with many long priced horses saluting and elects not to award the S-Hit ride of the day to the jockey of Bonindi but does say her ride “lacked imagination”.  No luck again for Queen Asa this week although she did run fourth so getting closer to a placing.  He tells Travis that he has no plans to run it in the Spring Carnival.  The Professor looks at the farcical situation with the Commonwealth Games venues in Delhi being incomplete with only 60 days until the start of the events.  Daniel believes the Games organizing committee should adopt the Andrew Demetriou line  “Everything is fine….there is no problem.”  A National Baseball League will finally return to Australia in November with 6 team competing.  Daniel is surprised that Stan can remember back to baseball in the late 1920’s.