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A Heart stopper for this fan

My visit to the heart mechanic this morning didn’t exactly go to plan….

I (unusually) arrived early so I decided to kill the time reading the headlines in one of our leading newspapers…..Whilst the 1.25 litre bottle of water I was drinking may have disguised my morning custard tart and flat white from the impending blood pressure reading, the headline on the front page certainly didn’t.   

“Soccer fans the Worst”.

So a top cop says.

I’m not a police officer, but a fan of the A-League and moreover, the world game, and not here to dispute what the chief says.  I repeat however, I am a football fan….something I’m unsure Victoria Police and large sections of our media fail to understand.  But more on that later…

I am baffled though, why this newspaper felt so compelled to report this story on its front page….  

This, on the same day the A-League finals commence.  Coincidence or conspiracy?Where was the report previewing the A-League finals campaign? Half way through the sports section…..Or the report reviewing the football purists’ wet dream (that is, Arsenal vs Barcelona in the Champions’ League round of 16) and the former’s stirring comeback? It was a mere footnote…..

Or the right of reply to the refreshing and challenging remarks made by former Socceroo, Llubo Milicevic earlier this week in which he stated, amongst other things, many AFL and NRL players allegedly take drugs, yet get away with it because those codes’ stance on drugs being built on thin “ice”.  No pun intended.  I’m still looking for it…..

I did however, read an article the other day in the same newspaper about a self confessed drug and alcohol user and former AFL star whose former partner would rather spend a night with the lions (no, not the AFL club) on their African holiday than him, being offered a lucrative contract to try and do his best Fred Astaire impersonation on Dancing with the Stars  It’s ironic how sections of our media continually throw lifelines to AFL footballers who can’t, nor know, how to control their emotions, yet throws the boot in on passionate and emotional fans at football games! 

This is not the first time my temples have been pounding at the sight of such news….. 

The night after the first A-League and Melbourne football derby was played, sections of our media, rather than embrace the significance of the game, ran beat up stories about alleged violence between sections of supporters of both clubs and how those supporters allegedly vandalised our public transport system.  Yet how many people did Victoria Police arrest that night? One.  It must have been a slow news day….Oh, but the Caulfield Guineas was on that same weekend and 57 people were allegedly arrested for underage drinking.  Well so I heard on the grapevine….. 

With A-League crowd numbers already way down on those of the opening season, sections of our media seem intent on chasing more fans away from the world game.  Even lower crowd numbers are surely to be the consequence of such stories and the heavy handed manner in which the more enthusiastic, active fans are being treated by security staff and police around the country. 

And so to the point I alluded to earlier….. 

Football fans are a rare and unique breed.  Our authorities, media and the administrators of the game cannot expect a passive and sanitised form of support witnessed in other football codes.  Football supporters are, above all, fans.  They have too much pent-up passion to be able to sit there quietly and cheer when the odd goal goes in.  Of course they will get passionate if and when the winning and only goal is scored in the 94th minute of a pulsating context or the referee makes a bad decision which affects the outcome of the game!  

Football fans see themselves as members of the team and will do whatever they can to contribute to the defeat of the opposing team.  Hence the songs they sing, the giant banners supporting a team or player, the horns, the drums and the hardcore fan groups.  The passion extends beyond the field and into the stands and a connection is built that makes every fan more than a mere spectator. 

It is why at many football clubs around the world, like Boca Juniors for example, there is no number 12 squad shirt – the number being reserved for the fans who are collectively seen as the 12th man.  This is non existent in other football codes.  

This does not of course mean that passion which is channelled into violence should be accepted or go uncontrolled. There is no doubt certain fans are tarnishing the A-League brand.  I’m not that ignorant and/or one eyed.  But as a regular attendant at many A-League games since its inception, I cannot help but observe and note a consistent misunderstanding between our authorities and the games’ fans.  Passionate, positive support should not be confused with football hooliganism, an extremely different and ugly beast.  It is this difference that I feel our authorities and media do not fully understand and moreover, embrace. 

Further, I see no justification for an unnecessarily high police presence at A-League games such as the one witnessed at the Melbourne Victory vs Newcastle Jets game last month.  As a friend later remarked, “There was not one hint of violence….That sort of police presence will only fire up fans even more!” 

And let’s not let the flare throwing individual take the headlines away from a game which has given the world mouth watering local derbies steeped in history and many nations joy in times of despair.

Gelding’s tips for Caulfied 12 February 2011

The Gelding’s attention returns to his home track of Caulfield today with winners seemingly difficult to pick.  However, there could be some value with these selections.

As always the bets are on an each way and all up basis.


Race 4 Horse 1 – Sepoy
Race 7 Horse 4 – Sportzfan Radio’s own Typhoon Tracey (for the ladies at the Tennis club)
Race 8 Horse 2 – Reward for Effort
Race 9 Horse 1 – Bead It (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

You can hear the Gelding talk racing and review the results with the Professor on Sportzfan Radio every Sunday at 12.30pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

Good luck and good punting!

The Gelding

Sportzfan Radio #188.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!6 February 2011 188.1 – Daniel says he was surprised at the standard of the play in the Charity Baskets game and he actually enjoyed that game more than the NBL games he has watched this season. The Gelding says watching the game took him back to the great days of the NBL in the 80’s & 90’s. Daniel had one complaint…from his cousin the referee who thought the commentary team were a bit hard on him. Dan Butterly comes on the show to talk US sport and starts with a wrap of the NFL’s Super Bowl between Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. The weather has been playing havoc with fans getting to Dallas and a bit of a controversy about Ben Rothliesberger taking his linemen to a piano bar for a drink. Daniel asks Dan why Green Bay has been able to get to the Super Bowl so soon after dumping Brett Favre as QB. Dan likes Rothliesberger over Aaron Rodgers at the quarterback position. Dan selects the Steelers even though he knows the Professor won’t like that. Dan then goes on to talk about the negotiations between the NFL and the NFLPA on a new agreement past 2011 which seem to be going nowhere at the moment and might result in a lockout. College basketball is ramping up with March Madness just around the corner with SDSU & BYU in the top ten at present. Dan doesn’t think a team will go through undefeated.  He thinks five teams could win the MWC tournament with Pittsburgh and Kansas making the final two in the NCAAB championship game.  Given the Caulfield races were washed out, the Gelding looks at the Sydney Colt’s tips from yesterday’s Rosehill meeting.  The Professor talks to Daniel about Dwight Howard’s imitation of LeBron James ‘powder clap’, with LeBron then scoring 51 points.  Daniel says you should never give a great player ammunition.  The Panel discuss Gilbert Arenas being served with a paternity suit at half time of a game and the amount being sought by the mother of the child.  They then look at Sportzfan Stan’s suggestion that Al Westover be sacked back in November and it has now happened.  Four straight grand finals and two championships didn’t save him.

Gelding’s tips for 5 February 2011

With Caulfield almost underwater after the heavy overnight rains, understandably the races have been called off.

However, there is still a great race meeting at Rosehill today and the Gelding will defer to the Sydney Colt’s tips which you will see below on this webpage.

Mindful of needing to tip one for the Ladies at the Tennis Club though, he can’t go past Race 6 Horse 8 ‘Sportzfan Radio’s own’ Hot Danish.

You can hear the Gelding and the Professor discuss all the racing news on Sportzfan Radio every Sunday at 12.30pm.  Tune in to 88.3 Southern FM.

Good luck and good punting!

The Gelding

Gelding’s tips for 22 January 2011

The Gelding’s attention remains on Flemington this week and after a reasonable start to the punting year, he is sure today will be a good one for his followers.

As always the bets are on an each way and all up basis.


Race 3 Horse 3 Gail (for the ladies at the Tennis club)
Race 6 Horse 7 – Warm Love (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)
Race 7 Horse 7 – Work the Room
Race 8 Horse 3 – King Diamond

You can hear the Gelding discuss all the racing results with the Professor on Sportzfan Radio at 12.30pm each Sunday on 88.3 Southern FM.

Good luck and good punting!

The Gelding

Sportzfan Radio @ Melbourne Aces v Perth Heat #1.3

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!15 January 2011 1.3 The first ever broadcast of a Melbourne Aces match when they took on the Perth Heat from the Showgrounds trying to cement a place in the final four and possibly a top two finish.  Hear the Professor, Sean Callanan and Daniel Eade call the middle innings of the match including the Perth Heat catcher Allan De San Miguel getting tossed by the home plate umpire.

Sportzfan Radio @ Melbourne Aces v Perth Heat #1.2

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!15 January 2011 1.2 The first ever broadcast of a Melbourne Aces match when they took on the Perth Heat from the Showgrounds trying to cement a place in the final four and possibly a top two finish. Hear the Professor, Sean Callanan and Daniel Eade call the game. The boys also interview Melbourne Aces pitcher Jeff Jamnik and the CEO of the ABL Peter Wermuth.

Sportzfan Radio @ Melbourne Aces v Perth Heat #1.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!15 January 2011 1.1 The first ever broadcast of a Melbourne Aces match when they took on the Perth Heat from the Showgrounds trying to cement a place in the final four and possibly a top two finish.  Hear the Professor, Sean Callanan and Daniel Eade call the final innings of Game 1, the pre-game discussion between the guys and the first inning of Game 2.

Asian Cup – Australia vs Korea Republic…..All square, but oh, how it hurt!

Mile Jedinak’s first international goal for Australia could not have come at a better time when the Socceroos got a valuable and deserving 1-1 with fellow Asian Cup heavyweight, Korea Republic in their Group C clash on Saturday morning.  But Socceroos’ coach, Holger Osieck could have some selection nightmares ahead of the Bahrain clash and beyond…..

The good:

1.        A unique and “un-Asian” style.  Whilst the Socceroos lack the pace, fluency and technique of many of the other teams at the Asian Cup, the team’s never say die attitude, discipline and physical strengths may well give opposing teams headaches when attempting to break down this Australian side.  Jedinak’s equalising goal epitomised the Australian style – Lucas Neill was quick to float a ball across the face of goal from a Luke Wilkshire cross and Jedinak had no right to challenge Korean goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong for a high ball but did and impressively beat him to it. 

2.        Mark Schwarzer.  Australia possesses the tournament’s best goalkeeper and Schwarzer played a fitting part in the match, saving superbly late on. 

The bad:

1.        Too predictable, too slow and an inept passing game.  Like the India game, the Socceroos, unlike the Koreans, played a long ball game in preference to a short and quick passing one.  The Aussie tactic of crossing towards Tim Cahill and Harry Kewell at every opportunity was clear once again and one wonders whether such a tactic will reap rewards against a more organised and disciplined defence.  Further, the Koreans’ pass and move groove clearly rattled the Aussies, as evidenced by the number of fouls, particularly Jedinak and Ognenovski, committed.  Finally, the Aussies’ passing and cheap turnovers left a lot to be desired at times. 

2.        Poor defending.  Football is one of those rare games where one defensive lapse can be the difference between success and failure.   Whilst the Socceroos’ defending was excellent for a majority of the game, just how five Socceroos’ defenders let Ji Dong-Wong gain possession and cut back to an unmarked Koo Ja-Cheol for Korea’s goal still baffles and frustrates me.  This was the second defensive lapse in two games.  Whilst the Indians failed to capitalise last week, the Koreans didn’t.  Nor will the likes of Iran and/or Uzbekistan (future potential opponents for the Aussies in the Asian Cup).

The ugly:

1.        Injuries to three first team regulars – Jason Culina, David Carney and Luke Wilksire. I have regularly been vocal about the Aussies’ lack of squad depth….the three aforementioned players will be hard to replace if the diagnosis isn’t favourable.  Whilst Valeri is a straight swap for Culina, he lacks his experience. Of greater concern are the full back positions – Carney (a left winger by trade) has become custodian of the left back position by virtue of a lack of competition and options for that berth, whilst Wilkshire, is in my opinion, Australia’s second best and most consistent outfield player.  Second only to Tim Cahill…..Osieck may be forced to re-shuffle and moreover, test the mettle of his pack.

2.        Harry Kewell’s (constant) whingeing.  Once again, it was refreshing to see a fully fit Kewell get the better of his opposing defenders.  His whingeing with fellow teammates, opposing players and officials was however, disappointing. This was not the first time Kewell has brought this ugly side into his game (read: harassing and “touching up” the match officials after Australia’s group game against Brazil at the 2006 World Cup and his verbal tirade against the referee after being controversially, but correctly sent off against Ghana at last year’s World Cup).  Kewell is a professional footballer first, an underwear model second.  He should start acting more like the former and stop dicking around.

All in all, Australia will now fancy its chances to progress to the knockout rounds of the Asian Cup, knowing all but a loss against Bahrain tomorrow morning will be enough to see them through.

But the Asian Cup is to Australia, what the World Cup is to heavyweights Brazil, Germany and Italy.  Qualifying for the knockout rounds should be viewed as a mere formality.  Not reaching the semi finals would be deemed a failure. 

This is when the real tournament starts.

Mark “The F word” Fiorenti

Sportzfan Radio #185.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!16 January 2011 185.1 – The Professor, Daniel, the Gambler and Sportzfan Stan are back for 2011, bigger and better than ever. There is some discussion to start the show about Sportzfan Radio’s Christmas party and the Gelding now being a greyhound expert as well. They also discuss the first radio broadcast of an ABL game in Victoria from the previous evening by Southern FM.  The Panel then discuss Stan’s call for the sacking of the AFL’s Andrew Demetriou over the decision of choosing Virgin Blue over Qantas as the airline transporting the teams.  Dan Butterly talks US sport including the NFL playoffs and selects New England to beat the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons over the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears over the Seattle Seahawks.  Dan also talks about some of the coaching changes at NFL teams who haven’t made the playoffs.  He wraps up the College football season and says it will be interesting to see what the NCAA do about the Cam Newton situation and possible rule infractions as it could be that Auburn may not hold the national championship they won.  He is still all for a BCS playoff series whether it be an 8 or 12 team series and would like to see that in place sooner rather than later.  The Gelding talks racing from Flemington and discusses the winners and losers in racing from the weekend’s meetings.  The Panel then look at the Australian cricket team, the chairman of selectors, the CEO and the coach.  Stan calls for an inquiry to be headed by Ric Charlesworth.  Daniel says it’s good that Stan is finally giving someone a job given that he has sacked so many over the last few months.  Stan says Tim Nielsen’s record as a coach on a win/loss basis is terrible and he should be sacked.