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Friday musing – Golf, Jordan Spieth, cricket, Sean Abbott….

Chris Barwin HillsWell Jordan Spieth proved that his Australian Open success was no fluke by returning to the US and taking out a quality restricted event and beating the world number two by 10 strokes! As I suggested last week this guy looks to be the next superstar of world golf and to put away a quality field the way he did was nothing short of spectacular. He will be a very big drawcard next year when he returns to defend his Aussie Open title.

I was amazed to see Sean Abbott return to the fray so quickly after the unfortunate events of a few weeks ago. As I stated in an earlier “musing”, if it was me I would have considered giving the game away speithor at least having some time off, but he has got right back on the horse. Good on him and it must be a testament to his mental toughness that he can get back to bowling so quickly. That sort of resilience should make him a good test player if his bowling makes the grade.

Have a great weekend!

Friday musing – vale Phil Hughes

Chris Barwin HillsWell I think yesterday must have been one of the saddest days in Australian sport that I can remember with the passing of Phil Hughes.

I got home and my daughter asked about my day and I replied that I was feeling numb, shocked and saddened about the young man that lost his life that day. Cricket is not a dangerous sport, yes there is the risk of injury, but you don’t pad up thinking your life is on the line.

This is a tragic accident and the prevailing mood these days when there is a tragic accident is to look for someone or something to blame. It was an accident pure and simple no blame should be levelled in any direction and there is no need to make any rule changes.

If it was a lower order batsman, then there may be some justification to look at the rules, however, with the level of protection batsmen have at their disposal these days the physical threat of a bouncer is not what it used to be.

I wonder how this will affect the bowler, Sean Abbott. It will be interesting to see how it impacts his career. I think if it was me I might consider giving the game away or at least take a break from the game for a while.

Sport has its highs and lows, but grief should not be part of a recreation.

Vale Phil Hughes