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Gelding’s tips for 22 March 2014

Feb 6 2011 003The Gelding’s attention remains across the border in New South Wales today and has his sights set firmly on Rosehill.

The hope is that he will have a better day today.

As always the bets are on an each way and all up basis.


Race 4 horse 1 – Earthquake (for the ladies at the Tennis club)
Race 5 horse 4 – Prince Cheri
Race 6 horse 5 – Messene
Race 7 horse 1 – Catkins
Race 8 horse 1 – Fiorente (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Good luck and good punting!

The Gelding

Dalligan’s Dandies for 31 August 2013

42There is no doubt that in the head to head last Saturday, the Sydney Colt won the day and it turned out that Someday wasn’t the fastest thing out of Brisbane since Wendell Sailor.

Today, Paul looks at both Caulfield and Rosehill for some value for punters. He hopes that a turf war doesn’t break out between he and the Sydney Colt.


Race 3 Horse 9 – Mosse Diva (for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Race 4 Horse 3 – Prince Harada


Race 1 Horse 1 – Bull Point (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Race 8 Horse 11 – Pretty Pins

Paul says that Danish Rock is running at Horsham on Tuesday and he may have a dollar or two each way on it as well.

Good luck and good punting!

Sportzfan Radio show #246.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!13 May 2012 246.1 – Featuring the Professor, Daniel Eade and Sportzfan Stan in studio with guest Dan Butterly talking US sport in particular, basketball and the NBA playoffs, the New York Knicks, Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony, ice hockey and the NHL playoffs, Major League Baseball and the New York Mets.  The Gelding calls in to discuss racing at Caulfield and Rosehill plus Black Caviar’s 21st win, when Danish Rock will run next and how the Sydney Colt fared with his tips yesterday.

Gelding’s tips for 7 April 2012

The Gelding’s attention has one eye on his home track of Caulfield today but the other at Rosehill with the running of the Golden Slipper. The Gelding likes Horse 9 Samaready in the big one.

As always the bets are on an each way and all up basis.


Race 3 Horse 7 – Sheila’s Star
Race 4 Horse 1 – Moment of Change (for the ladies at the Tennis club)
Race 5 Horse 2 – Kulgrinda
Race 6 Horse 6 – Under the Eiffel (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

You can hear the Gelding discuss racing with the Professor every Sunday on Sportzfan Radio at 12.30pm on 88.3 Southern FM.  The Gelding’s segment is sponsored by the Great Western Hotel.

Good luck and good punting!

The Gelding

Sportzfan Radio show #226.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!13 November 2011 226.1 – Due to a technical glitch at Southern FM with the logger we come in during the US report with the Panel speaking with Dan Butterly about the huge story developing at Penn State University and the sacking of football coach Joe Paterno. Also to lose their jobs were the University’s President and Athletic Director over the sex abuse charges laid against former Penn State defensive co-ordinator Jerry Sandusky. Is it co-incidence that Paterno became the winningest coach in NCAA Div 1A last week and the scandal broke this week? Dan encourages those who want to know more to read the Grand Jury testimony.  He also discusses the NBA lockout and feels if things keep going the way they are there will be no winners and no losers. Dan thinks there will not be a season as the owners aren’t worried if there is no season. Finally, Dan reviews the tip off of the College basketball season with the opening game pitting UNC against Michigan State played on an aircraft carrier on Veteran’s Day. The Gelding talks racing and reviews both his selections at Sandown and the Sydney Colt’s Rosehill tips. Sportzfan Radio tipsters picked 6 placings including 2 winners from 7 selections. Sportzfan Stan asks the Gelding how Danish Rock’s preparation is going but the Gelding says it will be a while before he races again. The Professor has trouble playing Dr Leslie’s community service announcement and the Gelding questions whether she may have fallen off her stool.

Sportzfan Radio #208.1 3 July 2011

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!3 July 2011 208.1 – The Panel are back after a mid year break.  Daniel talks about the swamp soccer grand final and his appointment as public relations officer for the Australian Ice Hockey League. The Panel talk to Brian Bales from the Newcastle North Stars about his ‘almost’ first ever short handed hat trick in Australia. The Professor asks the Gelding if Nathan Tinkler has any plans to purchase the North Stars. The Gelding talks horse racing and discusses the results from Moonee Valley and Rosehill. Daniel gives the Gelding a ‘B’ for his selections. Sportzfan Stan asks Daniel when he is going to tip against the Gelding. Daniel agrees he’ll do this but he will go on what the jockeys are wearing and horses names rather than the form guide. Sportzfan Stan raises the problems of current AFL clubs trying to resist offers for their uncontracted players from Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney which leads the Panel to a discussion on what compensation clubs should get for losing those players. Mark Fiorenti talks soccer and admits he didn’t foresee Russia beating Scotland 6-0 in the Swamp Soccer final. He also talks about the crowd behaviour at the Sydney v Celtic match.

Sportzfan Radio #205.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!5 June 2011 205.1 – The Professor is back behind the Panel fresh from his US trip and has Sportzfan Stan, The Gelding & Daniel Eade for company. In the first part of the show, they interview Melbourne Ice forward Jason Baclig and review racing at the Sandown Lakeside track & at Rosehill.

Sportzfan Radio #196.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!3 April 2011 196.1 – The Panel discuss Daniel’s football injury and Sportzfan Stan has another shot at Andrew Demetriou, this time over head high injuries and calling for players to be prevented from launching themselves into packs and from jumping in the air to make contact. The question is posed ‘Will Melbourne Rebels or Gold Coast Suns have the better season?’…the Panel unanimously vote Rebels and have a discussion on the Super 15 competition. Paul Dalligan says the Suns were a disgrace against Carlton. The Gelding discusses his and the Sydney Colt’s selections for yesterday’s races at Moonee Valley and Rosehill. Whilst not as effective as in recent weeks, the two experts managed to pick a couple of winners and places. He awards an S-Hit ride for Craig Williams ride on Brazilian Pulse. There is some discussion about Daniel Eade’s failure to attend production meetings at the Great Western Hotel. Daniel is clearly struggling on pain killers with his references to people wearing short sleeved shirts and ties, Sipowicz & Homer Simpson.

Sportzfan Radio #188.1

@SportzfanRadio now available on iTunes!6 February 2011 188.1 – Daniel says he was surprised at the standard of the play in the Charity Baskets game and he actually enjoyed that game more than the NBL games he has watched this season. The Gelding says watching the game took him back to the great days of the NBL in the 80’s & 90’s. Daniel had one complaint…from his cousin the referee who thought the commentary team were a bit hard on him. Dan Butterly comes on the show to talk US sport and starts with a wrap of the NFL’s Super Bowl between Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. The weather has been playing havoc with fans getting to Dallas and a bit of a controversy about Ben Rothliesberger taking his linemen to a piano bar for a drink. Daniel asks Dan why Green Bay has been able to get to the Super Bowl so soon after dumping Brett Favre as QB. Dan likes Rothliesberger over Aaron Rodgers at the quarterback position. Dan selects the Steelers even though he knows the Professor won’t like that. Dan then goes on to talk about the negotiations between the NFL and the NFLPA on a new agreement past 2011 which seem to be going nowhere at the moment and might result in a lockout. College basketball is ramping up with March Madness just around the corner with SDSU & BYU in the top ten at present. Dan doesn’t think a team will go through undefeated.  He thinks five teams could win the MWC tournament with Pittsburgh and Kansas making the final two in the NCAAB championship game.  Given the Caulfield races were washed out, the Gelding looks at the Sydney Colt’s tips from yesterday’s Rosehill meeting.  The Professor talks to Daniel about Dwight Howard’s imitation of LeBron James ‘powder clap’, with LeBron then scoring 51 points.  Daniel says you should never give a great player ammunition.  The Panel discuss Gilbert Arenas being served with a paternity suit at half time of a game and the amount being sought by the mother of the child.  They then look at Sportzfan Stan’s suggestion that Al Westover be sacked back in November and it has now happened.  Four straight grand finals and two championships didn’t save him.

Gelding’s tips for 5 February 2011

With Caulfield almost underwater after the heavy overnight rains, understandably the races have been called off.

However, there is still a great race meeting at Rosehill today and the Gelding will defer to the Sydney Colt’s tips which you will see below on this webpage.

Mindful of needing to tip one for the Ladies at the Tennis Club though, he can’t go past Race 6 Horse 8 ‘Sportzfan Radio’s own’ Hot Danish.

You can hear the Gelding and the Professor discuss all the racing news on Sportzfan Radio every Sunday at 12.30pm.  Tune in to 88.3 Southern FM.

Good luck and good punting!

The Gelding