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Friday musing – Packers, Seahawks, DeflateGate, Super Bowl XLIX….

There’s almost too much to talk about in today’s Friday musing!

First off let’s look at the recently completed Championship games from the NFL. The Green Bay Packers had the Seattle Seahawks on Carroll2toast with about five minutes left in the game. At that time the odds makers had the Seahawks less than a five percent chance of winning. A reported six things had to go wrong for the Packers for them to lose the game….and they all did.

Perhaps the worst blunder during those five minutes was Packer Brandon Bostick trying to catch an onside kick with his helmet….denying Jordy Nelson an easy catch and gifting the ‘fumble’ to the Seahawks. That play will haunt Packer fans for years to come.

Whilst on the Seahawks, I came across a 2012 article from the Bleacher Report that gave Pete Carroll and the Seahawks an ‘F’ for that year’s draft…and I quote ‘Pete Carroll is proving why he didn’t Carrollmake it in the NFL the first time….selecting Russell Wilson…was by far the worst move of the draft’. Shows the so called media experts don’t always get it right!

I never thought deflating footballs would become a pastime in New England. The NFL are investigating and have rounded up the usual suspects. The Patriots coach, Bill Belichick says he has no explanation on how the footballs became deflated. I wonder who belichicktook it on themselves then to make that decision. Surely some simple investigation will locate the culprit? Money is on the NFL not sorting this thing out anytime soon…especially with Super Bowl XLIX only a week away.

My tip for the Super Bowl – Pete Carroll and the Seahawks by 10!

If you thought deflating footballs was a stretch, consider the noble sport of golf. In the last week we have seen Robert Allenby’s dubious allenbyreporting of an incident after a night out in Waikiki that left his face re-arranged. His report has it that he was drugged, abducted, bashed and robbed. Reports are now surfacing that Allenby was drunk and passed out in the street and ‘face planted’ a rock. It was even big enough news to make ESPN’s Keith Olbermann show. Olbermann had much glee in highlighting the inconsistencies in Allenby’s story.

As if that wasn’t enough for golf, we then have Tiger Woods’ missing tooth to contend with. Story is he was hit in the mouth by an errant mounted video camera. Whether it did or it didn’t, you would pay money to be in a three on the golf course with Woods and Allenby just for the inside information on those stories.

Have a great weekend!

The Professor in the USA #3

One of the main points of interest on this trip for me would be the visit to Green Bay to see the home of the Packers, Lambeau Field.  Having been a Packers fan since the 1970’s it has been a long time coming and one that I was looking forward to.

Let me say that I was not disappointed!  The high point of the stadium tour was the chance to run out of the player’s tunnel onto the hallowed turf and to be able to stand and soak up the incredible history that has been made there….Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Reggie White, Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, Mike Holmgren, Mike McCarthy….I could go on forever.

A trip to the Packers Hall of Fame followed which included a meeting with three Lombardi trophies. (the fourth was out on a ‘Meet the Fans’ tour around Wisconsin) and an opportunity to follow the storied history through the decades.

Visiting the city of Green Bay also allows consideration of just what the people of this town of just over 100,000 people has managed to achieve. 13 NFL Championships, 4 Super Bowl wins….something that the larger populations centres in the USA can only dream of! How have they done that…focus! Green Bay is football with Lambeau Field the centre of a lot of the activity in the city.

I can say that there are a number of other activities that were enjoyed on the tour including a trip to Nala’s Fromagerie to sample the various cheeses of the region and  Captain’s Walk Winery.