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Friday musing – Australian Swimming Championships, Malcolm Turnbull and Port Adelaide FC’s China push

Chris Barwin HillsI have been watching a bit of the Australian Swimming Championships this week and have been amazed at the performance of Cameron McEvoy. Not only is he the first swimmer to win the men’s 50 metres, 100 metres and 200 metres freestyle, he is also mcevoyconsiderably smaller than the other swimmers. Most swimmers these days seem to be built like Centre Half Forwards whereas McEvoy is built like a Forward Flanker/Rover. He must have a very good technique to beat his more imposing rivals. I was also impressed that James Magnussen was happy to face the cameras after his defeat in the 100 metres final, he was clearly disappointed, but still put himself out there.

I was also bemused to hear during the week that Port Adelaide FC had secured a substantial sponsorship from China and they intended port adelaideto play an “away” game in China. That is quite magnanimous of them offering someone’s home game for their sponsorship! It reminded me of Carlton offering to play all their away games in Sydney some time back when it looked like the Swans were struggling and may fold. I cannot see any team wanting to take up Port’s generous offer, but the AFL may pressure the Gold Coast or Greater Western Sydney to take up the game as the AFL is still propping them up.

One thing I did laugh at was our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull telling the world that Aussie Rules was the best game going turnbullaround….this from a private school educated person who has no doubt played a fair bit of ‘rugger’ in his time. I thought at one stage Turnbull was going to gag on his words.

Have a great weekend!

Gelding’s Caulfield selections for 18 October 2015

Mar 13 2011 021The Gelding’s attention is split this weekend. He has one eye on New Zealand racing, because Malcolm Turnbull is there…..no not really. The real reason is because his horse Del Rios is racing at Rotorua.

His other eye is on his home track at Caulfield where the prestigious Caulfield Cup is being run. After a big day at the track on Wednesday he is feeling confident with his selections.

One thing the Gelding doesn’t like today is the Caulfield Cup starting at 5.40pm – disgraceful he says and a sign that the media has taken over horse racing!

As always the bets are on an each way and all up basis.


Race 2 Horse 7 – Del Rios (an each way special for the ladies at the Tennis club)


Race 3 Horse 1 – Ball of Muscle
Race 4 Horse 2 – Ambience
Race 6 Horse 6 – Sadler’s Lake
Race 7 Horse 8 – Under the Louvre (for the ladies at the Tennis club)
Race 9 Horse 6 – Mongolian Khan (also for the ladies at the Tennis club)

Good luck and good punting!

The Gelding