Saturday 12 June: Mail In 3 States

We cannot ignore the strong leads in 3 States on Saturday. The mail is primed to make us a profit and back on a diet of lobster.

SYD r2 n4 HALLEYS This neddy was scratched last week because it is absolutely flying on the track & they didn’t want to chance their money in the wet. If it lives up to track work it will be saluting.

MELB r2 n3 ANNIVERSARY My mail from a ratings expert says Gai has well and truly beaten the handicapper by taken this neddy south. The rest is up to the horse. Big money has already gone on with corporate bookies

BRIS r4 n15 RINGA RINGA ROSIE a pocket full of $100 notes after this one wins. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I have been waiting 2 weeks for this one. Set for this 1 race. Climb on the bandwagon.

Money lost, nothing lost. Confidence lost, everything lost.