306 and out!

the gelding & othersAfter 306 shows and six and a half years on air, Sportzfan Radio comes to an end on Sunday 29 September 2013. A most fitting day as it is the first anniversary of the demise of Sportzfan Stan. Unlike nearly every other sports program we strived to discuss the real issues in sport and to provide thought provoking discussion.

We like to think that our ‘experts’ really know the games that they talked Mar 6 2011 004about – Dalligan on League, Fiorenti on soccer, Mordiboy on golf, the Gambler on lawn bowls, the Gelding & the Sydney Colt on all matters racing, John O’Callaghan on the legal issues inFeb 27 2011 021 sport, Daniel Eade on NBL, NBA & AIHL, Sportzfan Stan on sackings, Dan Butterly on US sport and the Professor on……well he commented on anything and everything.

We have enjoyed all the production meetings at the Great Western Hotel and every minute of presenting the show. We hope that you enjoyed our analysis on sport, but wonder where the ladies at the Tennis club will now get their Saturday morning race selections from. Maybe we can prevail on the Gelding and the Sydney Colt to still post their expert predictions on the website.

Don’t miss the last show from midday tomorrow!Feb 27 2011 007